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A place to share a sampling of LEGO projects from the imagination of Ben Fleskes.

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PacMan Game 80s Arcade Game

Table top game featuring 48 classic arcade games - made entirely from LEGO

November 2009
Union Pacific Diesel Union Pacific Diesel

A proof of concept train used to test new design ideas.

Last modified: September 2005
Original build in 1998
Houses and Steets Modular standards for houses and streets

December 2004
USS Constritution USS Constitution

June 2004
Big Ben Bricks LLC
Big Ben Bricks LLC

I started Big Ben Bricks LLC to design and manufacture train wheels compatible with LEGO trains.  To find out more about molding your own parts I recommend an article I wrote for BrickJournal, issue #3.  (link hosted by bimpcast)
January 2004
Roundhouse Roundhouse

November 2003
Track Mod Track Modification and Studies

Discussions on track geometry and modifying your own track.

February 2003
Blue LL928

A blue stream lined steam engine and tender.

Updated January 2004
Original Build: March 2000
Portland GATS 2000 Portland GATS Show

A sampling of pictures from a 2000 train show.

February 2000
Daylight 4449

Southern Pacific Daylight 4-8-4 Northern Class engine and train

November 1999
Falcon LEGO Millennium Falcon

Recognized on slashdot and admired by many

June 1999
SNOT Hopper SNOT Hopper

June 1998
Tank Car Tank Car

May 1998
Shay Shay Engine

May 1998
700 SP&S #700

Seattle, Portland & Spokane #700 4-8-4 Northern Class Steamer

Updated with BBB wheels: October 2004
Original Build: December 1998
Dodecapede Dodecapede

A catapiller like train that is fun to watch.

December 1998
1998 Show Seattle Train Show

A few pictures from a train show near Seattle

May 1998
Modular Tables Modular LEGO Tables

Information and drawings for buildling your own tables, specifically designed for trains but useful for all sorts of displays.

Trolley 9v Battery Powered Trolley

An innovative battery powered trolley that automatically reverses direction at the end of a line.

November 1997