Modular houses and streets

            (click image for larger view)
Overall Two houses.  Built on a footprint I got from Steve Barile who I believe got it from somebody else.  The GPLR challenged ourselves to build a residential neighborhood consisting off houses built on the same footprint, but detailed entirely different. This section is built to be entirely modular, use a minimum of bricks but still get a nice textured look and be easily transported.

I think the tree design is especially noteworthy.  

Ciick here to view the GPLR album of a train show where we used  a standard similar to this for a 20 foot section of the layout.  
Exploded Here is an exploded view of all the components parts.  Each of the house is built on a 16x32 baseplate, which fits on top of a 32x32 baseplate with risers underneath to set the height.  
Here is a detail of how the sidwalks, curb and street all go together. The sidewalks are specifically designed to use a minimum number of gray tiles which seem to be hard to come by in quantity.  
an overall cross section of a relatively narrow street.
And a wider street.  
And if you want to include trolley tracks inside the street, you might try something like this.