Union Pacific Diesel Engine

Here is a Union Pacific Diesel engine I've used as a concept vehicle for testing new design techniques.  This model includes working cab lights, working tail lights, working headlights, a working 4-cylinder engine, and rotating fans on the top. 

(click images for a larger view)

An overall view.  Not the reflection of the tail lights on the tunnel entrance - which is a wall of black bricks.
Engine Opening up the side panels reveals the four cylinder engine.  The crankshaft realy rotates and the cylinders go up and down when the engine has power.The wires ended up getting a little messy...
Fans These fan blades, made from small BBB wheels rotate on top of the engine when the engine has power.  
Dark In the dark, the cab is lit by a standard 9v light.  Two headlights are made from 'Peglights' made by Will Chapman.  They are high intensity white LEDs that work very well.