Portland GATS February 2000

Here are a few of my creations shown at the February 2000  PNLTC GATS show in Portland, Oregon. 

Click image for larger (400K+) image.
A view of the switch yard.  Ben's SP&S 700 4-8-4 is in the foreground.
A couple of Union Pacific diesels.  Note the wide cab in the rear.
A black hopper.  A custom stud forward creation by Ben F.  The 1x8 plates on the side are attached with 1x1 bricks with side studs - 8 per 1x8 plate.
A couple of low profile hoppers.
A new 4-4-0 General.  
Ben's Coast Starlight Amtrak Train.  An FP40H leads the way with a Genesis engine right behind.