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Big Ben Bricks manufactures and sells train wheels specifically designed to build trains with LEGO. Five Train wheels are currently available in 8 colors. Check out the products page for more info or to place an order.

Gallery Updated 27 March 2016

Check out the Gallery of with some recent additions like the massive 12 wide model shown below by Sven.

Krupp Knapsack by Sven

27 March 2016

Blok Bricks is selling custom Class 99 steam engine with Big Ben Bricks medium drivers

This is a great entry level model with working connecting arms.

Blok Brikcs DR Class 99

Gallery Updated 30 March 2011

Check out the Gallery of with some recent additions like the model below from the Japanese builder Sekiyama.

DRG BR18.4 by Sekiyama using Big Ben Bricks train wheels

20 June 2009
New video on YouTube

Please take a half minute to watch a Daylight 4449 using Big Ben Bricks train wheels and Power Function battery power. Since this is battery powered, a classic reverse loop is easily done.

11 May 2009
Anthony Sava is selling custom 4-4-0 models on Bricklink.

This is a great model and a fun build. I highly recommend it.
4-4-0 by Anothony Save using Big Ben Bricks train wheels

Gallery Updated 1 May 2009

Check out the Gallery of some really nice trains using Big Ben Bricks train wheels. You might especially enjoy the Mikado below made by Richard "Charlie" Lemeiter.
Mikado by Richard Lemeiter using Big Ben Bricks train wheels

Railbricks issue 5 released
February 2009

Railbricks was kind enough to print an interview with Big Ben Bricks owner Ben Fleskes in issue #5. Click here to to go the Railbricks website and download the pdf or order a print copy.

Railbricks #5 Cover image

BlokBricks offers the Great Western Railway 5101 for sale

This is a very nice engine and a pleasure to build with a variety of great building techniques involved that you only discover as you build it. Order one for yourself at BlokBricks. BlokBricks also offers a great variety of other sets, sticker sheets and pneumatic tubing.

Blokbricks Great Western