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Frequently Asked Questions

How are your bricks made?

Each brick is made in an industrial injection molding machine with a precision crafted die.

What design software do you use?

I primarily use Solidworks Computer Aided Design software. Parts can go from a digital model, to the die, to the part without ever relying on a piece of paper to tell you what the part should look like.

Are you going to make other pieces?

Perhaps, I am currently working on a number of possible ideas that would benefit the train community. If you have ideas of suggestions, please email me.

Do you make all the parts yourself?

I maintain the tooling to make the train wheels and have a plastic injection molding company make the parts for me.

Are the wheels on LEGO set #10194 Emerald Night the same as Big Ben Bricks train Wheels?

No. While The Emerald Night train wheels are the same size as the BBB Large Flanged Driver and Large Blind Driver and share several common design characteristics they are not identical. The most notable difference is the addition of an o-ring on the Emerald Night drivers wheels.

What other payments options do you offer?

I accept payment by check or cash mailed to:

Big Ben Bricks LLC
PO Box 19758
Portland, OR 97280